"Working Hard So You Can Breathe Easy"

Updated November 18, 2013


The CSRA Air Quality Alliance is being formed to promote cleaner air for the protection of public health and to improve environmental quality. Over the last few months, representatives from industry, government, utilities, schools, forestry, agriculture, the military, and others have come together to discuss air quality issues and begin developing an action plan for improving air quality.

What’s the Problem with Our Air?

The Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) region currently meets federal air quality standards for ground level ozone and particle pollution, collectively known as smog. We need to keep it that way.


What are the Effects of Air Quality Nonattainment?

The potential of being designated a “nonattainment” area poses a multitude of potential impacts, including:

• Stricter permitting requirements on both new industry and expansions of existing industry

• Delayed implementation of some transportation projects while they are reviewed for consistency with air quality requirements

• Hindered economic development as the region faces the stigma of “air pollution”

Air Quality Tips

What you can do to help reduce pollution...

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Air Quality Forecast

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